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At, we believe that everyone requisites a well-developed platform that provides free guidance. Dheeraj Academia launched in 2020, contributes to the sector of Assignment Editing Assistance and acts as an adviser in the fields of Tourist Visa, Part Time Job Help, Professional Job Help, Education Visa, Work Permit, and Permanent Residence.

Our service is provided globally including countries like Ireland, the UK, New Zealand, US, Australia, Canada, and the Middle East.

Our Story

With the increased expansion of Major Universities in foreign countries, students have incurred a tendency to relocate themselves and study abroad. The mission and vision of are to develop a service for our consumers that will be hassle-free and cater them step by step information on the basic nitty-gritty of foreign policies, especially for the working group. 


At Dheeraj Academia, we aim to uplift our consumers in a unique two in one approach: Assignment Assistance & Guiding Articles.

Our Services proficiently provides assignment assistance editing help to students who are studying in universities abroad. Often students find it difficult to structure their assignments. has introduced online assignment editing help assistance that will enact as a tutor for university students and scholars.

Our online assignment help services include trained professional writers, ex-universities professors as experts and live tutors. We believe in Quality and Punctuality. Our writers deliver the best quality work in the minimum period. As our contributing experts come from a backdrop of pure academics, we edit copies for diverse subjects.

Guiding Articles curates navigational articles, in other words, we simplify the complexities of rules and regulation of a country's foreign policy. A survey conducted by our research team suggested that most people who want to relocate or are in search of decent workplace miss opportunities due to lack of correct information or approach. 

As a startup venture, currently, we have structured our write-ups in the six broad fields that stand out among the basic queries of any person.


Guiding Blogs on Workplace opportunities

All foreign countries have their economic policies; the work culture of America is vastly different from Middle East Countries. The pay scale, job obligations, litigations, government policies for NRs( Non-Residents), working hours, developing companies, current vacancies, taxation, are all areas we cover in our blogs.

There are various other complications relating to getting a job in foreign countries, one of them is the approach, for instance, if you are a management graduate and searching for a job in Dubai, you need to understand the procedure of job application, terms and conditions, and eligibility criteria. 

In our website, we post job vacancies from around the world. You can activate your notification bell, to get the latest job updates from Canada, Texas, Ireland, Dubai, London and so on.

However, the question lies: what is's role in this?

Interestingly, apart from notifying you about a particular vacancy, we give a brief flow chart on how you can prepare and proceed for the entitled job. is an only exclusive website that imparts you free information on application procedures.


Guiding blogs on legal compliances             

Legal complications are the most troublesome issues people deal with; Visa’s, Work Permits and Residential permit are a heck of headaches. It is quite important to know the rules and regulations for each of them as per the foreign policies of each country. 

In our specialized individual blogs, we tend to bridge the gap between you and your desires. People suggest you go through the official website of the government for gathering information about Visa’s, Residential cards or work permits.

But we understand that the information given in those official websites are too complex and cannot be adhered to. In these situations, you often step back from traveling to your dream country or put down the idea to study at Sydney University. blogs act as a tutor guide for you. Our website blogs are designed to break-through complex instructional procedures and interference of any middleman. We keep on updating blogs on Visas, especially travel and student. We have a step by step procedure with the authenticating website that assists you to get a clear visionary picture of "How to procure a Visa". Throughout the reading, you will notice that we have used navigational drop downs and free sample template forms for future references. requests you to invest 10 minutes of your precious time and we assure you to benefit more from the period you invested. You don't need to cancel your vacation in Los Angeles, take advantage of!!

In 2020 it is not a big deal to procure a student visa; it has become more simplistic than before. Our website provides country-wise visa guidance with proper mentioned processes. We even provide directories with contacts, documents, links and websites that can be accessed at any given point. You can even download the documents that contain visa forms and submit them according to the process you read.

Work permits rules are more complicated in the UAE and US compared to Australia and Ireland where they do not have many composites funneling. If you are aspiring to work in the United States or Dubai our separate individual blogs on work permit help you to understand the procedure of applying and the immediate necessities.

Our blogs even guide you on how you can renew your work permits, varying from different countries. blogs are so reliable that they eliminate consultation. In most of the cases, reports say, people spend a lump sum amount of money for consulting a lawyer in work permit cases. Whereas, through blogs you will get the same advice for free!!

Talking about Residential Permit, it is, in general, a very diverse area and there are many governmental interventions for the process, you can receive a Residential Permit in 5 years, or it may get extended to 10 years the situation varies on governmental norms and regulations. makes you understand the possibilities more precisely.

For further understanding, the beneficiaries, tap to our blog bar and explore your desired space.