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Find the best accommodation throughout your stay and ensure complete success of your objectives. We are here to guide you with the best accommodation facilities available in a country that you have visited...

There is a turbulence of emotions as you move out of your home and slowly of your motherland to an altogether different country. It is very natural to feel tired, lost and afraid. But Don't Worry! We are here to guide you with the best accommodation facilities that are available in various countries thus taking care of your immediate difficult emotional moments, making you feel lonely away from your motherland.

What makes Dheeraj Academia unique in providing guidance for accommodation support?

Whether you are looking for a perfect roommate, solo living space or shared rent flats, Dheeraj Academia provides information to make you accustomed to the alien land. Dheeraj Academia has got reliable sources that will help you to arrange your accommodation in foreign lands like the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, and the Middle East. There are more than five hundred plus students, who are seeking help from Dheeraj Academia for accommodation support help.

Dheeraj academia has got an abundance of contacts from people living in different geographic locations of the world. They know that students may face extreme difficulty in an unknown place like absurd rooms rents, unsatisfactory locations, traveling problems and problems related to all kinds of primary needs. So, in this regard, it is important for us to inform you that Dheeraj Academia has got reliable sources that will offer you an affordable package for renting rooms in a nearby locality of your university. This will help you to have friendly and safe transportation access along with a reduction in transportation cost.


Accommodation in the United Kingdom

Dheeraj Academia has gained ample knowledge by conducting a survey in various accommodation units and the result that they have achieved is outstanding.  For example,  Abbey field Society, where they can accommodate more than 8000 residents, Perfect host home stay limited for giving you accommodation in England, Host International where you can get twenty-four-hour emergency help in case of any emergencies. The UK Guest- that comprises a 9-one storey building that includes a double guest bedroom, where you can share the apartment with more than four friends to reduce cost and make it affordable.

Dheeraj Academia provides the following features for the perfect accommodation for students, who are willing to rent a house for the tenure of their curriculum for pursuing a degree in the abroad:

  • A separate Dining Room.
  • Extra Bedroom space.
  • Apartments with 2 BHK, 3 BHK.
  • Separate accommodation for students who are willing to live alone in the Bungalow of Scotland Yard.

Apart from the above-stated facilities, Dheeraj Academia has also got reliable sources from the Jephson Housing Association Group, Britannia Student Services, and HFS London.


Accommodation in Australia

Dheeraj Academia has representatives working in Australia for them to accommodate rooms for students. The representatives can provide you assistance in University Square, RMIT Village urban Swanston, Atira peel Street located in various locations of the Australian subcontinent. The room fee starts from $299 per week, which is quite affordable for students who want to study in Australia. Dheeraj Academia has arranged a handsome facility for students who want a luxurious life in Australia and they offer you to provide full-fledged service for a gym, swimming pool, and BBQ. The room rents include all the charges of internet connections, electricity and gas. Urbanest Swanston, Atira Peel Street, Journal Uni Place, and Yarra House falls under the category of luxurious lifestyle for students. The minimum charges start from $315 per week to $500 per week.


Accommodation in New Zealand

Dheeraj Academia provides an ample number of assistance for students, who want to get an accommodation in New Zealand for pursuing their higher degree. In New Zealand students have got an abundance of options for living in this foreign land based on the budget that they can pay.

The facilities include the following features:

  • The accommodation which is cheap and close to your University campus: Dheeraj Academia has got remarkable sources that will assist you to find accommodation near your campus to reduce your transportation cost. Normally, Halls of residence which are considered as Hostels in New Zealand include your lunch and dinner with an additional complimentary breakfast included within your rent charges. These rooms are basically shared with more than 4 mates that help to split the cost. 
  • Home stay or Private Accommodation: If you want to spend a luxurious life in New Zealand while pursuing your degree, Dheeraj Academia allows you to provide contacts for renting private bungalows. Parents at times want to accompany their siblings in the foreign lands, so if you have such a concern then you can go ahead with a private home stay where the rent is costly.  


According to Dheeraj Academia the cost of having healthy accommodation in New Zealand Starts from NZ$15,000 per year and it ranges to NZ$20, 000 per year.


Accommodation for students in the Middle East

In a recent survey done by Dheeraj Academia, states that more than thirty percent of students have opted for studying in the middle east in between 2018-2020. So this regard, Dheeraj Academia has got a wide range of sources that are quite famous for giving you assistance and information for seeking accommodation in the Middle East countries.

  • Accommodation within a cheap price: These houses consist of more than 7 bedrooms on a single floor.  Students will get water, internet, electricity, gas services, cleaning services, and a central heating facility within 400 Dhs/ month.

If you want then you can split the rent with more than six students. It is better for us to inform you that Dheeraj Academia has got an abundance of contacts with Onkar Todkar, Association for rents for students, Dubai and VIP penthouse. These are the most renowned accommodation services that you will give the utmost ease and comfort.


  • Luxurious Accommodation: The luxurious accommodation in the Middle East for students starts from a range of 4945 Dhs/month. Dheeraj Academia has got a well-bonded relationship with the owners of this Luxurious accommodation that provides you with a fully furnished penthouse, a heartwarming terrace, and a parking space. This helps students to have a clear mindset and to devote their concentration on studies when they are surrounded by a wonderful atmosphere.


Apart from providing you accommodation in the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and the Middle East, Dheeraj Academia has also got a wide range of serviceability for students in Ireland, Canada, and France.  Dheeraj Academia has got the most unique style for providing you accommodation in various countries, as they follow a sequential and systematic pattern. So if you want to seek help for booking accommodation in a foreign land then Dheeraj Academia is a perfect option for anyone.