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An efficient group of experts are guiding students throughout their entire educational process in a foreign university throughout the world. We provide editing services at affordable rates to students of all universities with the aim to develop their grades. Deadlines and client satisfaction are our most focused areas which allow us to maintain unique and high-quality services at all times


  • Subjects on which We can Provide Assignment support

Assignment Editing Assistance Services provided at our organization ranges over a wide variety of subjects. These include mainstream subjects like Finance, Mathematics, Statistics, Chemistry, Physics, Economics, Accounting, Engineering, Web Development, Business Management, and Journalism. Similarly, the organization also has experts who are adept in assisting in several technical areas of studies including Search Engine Optimization, Website Development and Programming Languages.

Editing services are provided to students from all countries of all universities. However, depending on market situations, affordable charges are taken from students of countries like- Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, US, Canada and Middle-East.

  • A country-wise analysis of Assignment Assistance mainly provided
  • Ireland is a famous choice for students from around the globe as there are several internationally ranked Institutions. These institutes offer various kinds of subjects to study and all of the Irish Universities are public and therefore state-funded. There you may be interested in studying in Ireland-
  • Accounting

We support our students by providing Accounting services to various colleges like- Griffith College Dulbin, Emlyon Business School, Mary Immaculate College. We have highly professional and well-educated Accounting experts who can help you to edit your assignment. We provide our services on tax accounting, management accounting, financial accounting and cost accounting.

  • Civil Engineering

In this branch of engineering, our expert engineers are exceptionally talented and well experienced with different projects. We can guide you for each civil engineering assignment like geotechnical engineering, construction engineering and building materials. You can learn civil and structural engineering in different universities like- University College Cork, Trinity College Dublin.   

  • Journalism

In Ireland, we will suggest you to study Journalism at renowned colleges and universities like- University College Cork, Trinity College Dublin. You do not need to worry about assignment, because our experts will serve you all types of assignment help on Journalism like- broadcast journalism, newspaper, reporting journalism.

Apart from these core subjects you also get help from us in various other subjects such as- Chemistry, Biology, Architecture, Food Science, History, Music, Neuroscience and other wide range of subjects. You can get admission for these subjects in University College Cork, Trinity College Dublin, Griffith College Dublin and Emlyon Business School. 

  • Australia is an excellent place for quality education and they offer top-notch academic careers on various subjects through renowned colleges and universities. There you can expand your career path on the following subjects-
  • English Language Programs

You can develop your English for personal and academic development. There are different universities like Queensland University of Technology and Languages across Borders. These universities offer an all in one communication platform where you can get admission in other related subjects like General English, Communicative English and English Language course. In this purpose, Dhiraj Academia can provide you with experts solutions regarding different assignments on- Language and culture, Assessment of Communicative Language ability IELTS / TOEFL / CEFR and English Learner.   

  • Environmental Engineering Management

If you have a keen interest in this subject then you can get admission to the University of Technology Sydney. Dhiraj Academia will help you to achieve the graduation certificate on Environmental Engineering Management with high grades. Here we will serve you assignment help on Environmental Chemistry, Solid Waste Disposal, and Hazardous Waste Management.

  • Business Management

Australian College of Technology & Business offers diploma courses where you can learn Project Management, Finance Planning, Effective Business planning & Management and Advanced Management. Our professional faculties are always there for you to you on the above-mentioned assignments.

This is not the end!! We will provide complete support regarding projects, assignments and for all other necessities if you pursue any career path in them- Art studies, Fashion, Economics Studies, Food and Beverage Management in Australia.

  •  New Zealand

New Zealand is an ideal destination for studying IT, Animation, Science, Lab Technology, and Engineering. A large number of students go to New Zealand every year to set their aimed career in their favorite fields. In this context, you can have immense support from Dhiraj Academia. As we offer our assignment editing solutions for the following subjects-

  • Information Technology

You can achieve abundant knowledge of Information Technology Environment, Database, Internet, Software, Hardware, and Network. You can study this subject from the Eastern Institute of Technology, Auckland University of Technology, and Aspire 2 International. We can help you in your assignment if you get admission in the above-mentioned universities.

  • Animation

If you want to achieve a milestone in your Animation career, then you can learn Video and sound design, Typography in Motion, 3-D Modelling and Illustration from any top-ranked University of New Zealand. There you can take admission in Media Design School, Southern University of Technology and Massey University. 

Subsequently, you can also study Science, Lab Technology, and Engineering from New Zealand.

  • USA

If you are discussing top colleges and universities abroad then the USA is the very first name which comes to our lips. According to the Global Education System; the USA takes the leading position where almost 10, 00,000 enrolled students are busy in studying different subjects.

  • Maths & Computer Science

According to the ratio of International students 30% of them belong from this core subject and there are several recognized universities like- Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Harvard University, Stanford University, and Princeton University. To make your career destination smooth we provide experts solutions on Tools for extracting cost information from functional programs, Computer-Checked Recurrent Extraction for Functional Programs and Formal Verification of red-black tree deletion.

  • Economics

 If you have a great interest in the Finance and Economics field then you can join different recognized universities of the USA like- University of Chicago, Harvard University, Princeton University and Stanford University. If you are worried about their syllabus then let us tell you Dhiraj Academia is always there to help you on various contents like- Fundamental Economics, Macro Economics, Micro Economics and Personal Finance Economics.

  • Canada

Among all the demanding countries for studying abroad Canada is the most promising one for both graduate and undergraduate studies. The number of International Students in this country is 11%. They offer tremendous quality education for the following subjects-

  • Engineering & Engineering Management

If you want to make yourself efficient on CATIA, AutoCAD, CAD, Mechanics of Solids, Mechanics of Fluids, Thermodynamics then you can join the top-most universities of Canada, like- Central Michigan University, University of Regina and Ontario Tech University. We can provide you with a complete editing solution for this subject.

  • BioScience, Medicine & Healthcare

You can explore your career in this field where you can acquire a PhD degree from studying in Canada. There are a couple of renowned universities like- University of Ottawa, McMaster University, and Ontario Tech University. In this field, we can serve your assignments and projects help on Business Fundamentals for Biotechnology, Biotechnology Regulation and Ethics and Molecular Technologies.                

  • Middle-East

There are many reasons to study in the Middle-East, as it provides top-notch educational qualities with the most affordable price. Middle East countries are well aware of the fact to arrange a high-quality educational infrastructure for International students. Leading Universities are held in countries like- Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Egypt.

In Saudi Arabia King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals are well popular among International students for IP Telephony, Still Image Compression and Video Compression. In UAE United Arab Emirates University, you can study different subjects such as Tourism & Heritage, Cognitive Sciences, Geography & Urban Sustainability and Languages & Literature. Dhiraj Academia can also provide numerous editing solutions to the students of Middle-East countries.


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