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Education VISA

Education VISAs are required for students who stay at foreign lands leaving their native countries for higher education. Without education VISA, one cannot continue with his/her study in a foreign country. Are you worried about how to get VISA for foreign countries where you can stay for a longer time to pursue a higher educational degree? Relax. We will give you details about VISA rules and application procedures for different countries. Country wise VISA rules differ and you can get educational VISA for a country fulfilling all criteria mentioned by the VISA issuing authority of a country.

Educational VISA for a foreign country will authenticate your presence in that country for educational purposes. Without a valid VISA, you cannot stay in a foreign land year after year as it is illegal. UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, US, Canada, and Middle East have set different rules and regulations for education VISA. Whenever the validity of your education VISA is over you have to apply for its renewal otherwise you may be charged with illegal presence in that country. Dheeraj Academia is providing you relevant details about VISA applications in different countries worldwide.

UK Education VISA

One can apply for a Tier4 (General) education VISA for studying in UK after he/she has completed sixteen years and has been provided a place on a particular course. Furthermore, they need to understand, read, write and speak English. You must have enough money to pay for the course you are going to pursue. The person applying for education VISA needs to be resident other than Switzerland or European Economic Area (EEA). You can apply for UK education VISA here. The earliest you may apply for your VISA before three months you are going to begin your course. To get an education VISA, you have to pay £348.

Ireland Education VISA

If you desire to undertake a course more than three months, you have to apply for educational VISA. Click here to check detailed procedure for VISA application in Ireland. After applying for education VISA follow given instructions on summary section of your VISA application. There you will be provided with when to complete the process of documentation for getting your VISA ready.

As part of this application process, you need to submit your biometrics information. Please be aware of putting misleading or false information about yourself while filling up an application for education VISA otherwise your VISA will be cancelled by the issuing authority for five years.

One has to pay single entry €60, transit €25 and multi entry €100 for as VISA fees. Students are advised to check Ireland VISA policies here before proceeding with their applications. Two passport-sized colored photos of not more than six months, current passports and previous passport’s copies signed letter with all contact details as application are required as documents of VISA. Moreover, you need to provide relevant documents to show that you have been enrolled yourself on a privately funded course.

For students under 18 years, birth certificate, vetting, and accommodation certificate, and consent letter from legal guardian or parents are necessary to be submitted.

Application Procedure for Australian Education VISA

For information about education VISA in Australia, click here. Australia also provides VISA for school students apart from those students who are pursuing higher education. One who is going to apply for a VISA needs to submit relevant documents where their knowledge of the English language is recorded. The main applicant needs to pay AUD620 as an application fee. You can check processing time here.

New Zealand Education VISA

Students need to pay 330 NZD for getting an education VISA for studying in colleges and universities of New Zealand. You can check eligibility criteria for applying for student VISA here.

US Education VISA

US provides different VISAs namely F, J and M. F student VISA is for college or university students whereas J VISA is for participating in any exchange program. M VISA is provided to students for vocational and non-academic studies. For further details regarding the US student VISA, go to this page. For acquiring a student VISA, one needs to pay $220-$350 depending on the type of VISA he/she is applying for.

Canada Education VISA

International students can apply for Canadian student VISA here. First of all, you need to get your documents ready for your VISA application. Acceptance letters from designated learning institutes, valid travel documents or passports, proofs recording the number of family members with whom you have come to Canada are required. Applicants are required to provide their biometric information at the time of application. As you are applying online you don't have to pay any courier fee and the application method is processed quickly. When you have enough money to bear your expenses, you are eligible for a VISA application.

Students require to pay $CAN150 as cost of application which may vary with time. Police certificate ensuring that you don’t have any criminal record, medical exam report showing your health condition, prove to an officer claiming that you will leave Canada after completion of your course and your permit will expire are eligibility requirements for an applicant.

Middle East Education VISA

To get a VISA in UAE students need to submit their photographs, passport copies, admission offer letters from the educational institute are required as essential documents. You also have to submit tuition fees receipt while applying for education VISA. Accommodation proof and certificate of your highest academic qualification are also required. Student VISA in UAE may cost up to AED3, 000. For further details, click here.

You can apply for student VISA for any of these countries only after fulfilling all the criteria mentioned by VISA issuing authorities. If you are interested in studying abroad, don’t waste your time and apply for VISA in a foreign country where you wish to study. Remember education VISA is a necessity for those who desire to study in foreign lands. Wish you a prosperous career ahead!