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As we all know, the world is turning into a compression chamber each day. Everyone needs to know that job prospects are no longer restricted within the geo-political boundaries. The modern trend is well convinced to serve foreign land rather than their motherland. For this purpose, each and every individual needs a VISA and renewing it every time is frustrating as well as a time-consuming job. It makes more sense to apply for permanent residency so that you lead your life comfortably in the foreign land.

Certitude about permanent residency

The most important and essential criteria are to prove your residency in a foreign land. You can face several types of challenges if your VISA is not renewed by the Government of that particular land. In this regard, it is always beneficial for you to apply for permanent residency in that country. The importance of getting a permanent residency is that it allows an individual person to enjoy all the rights of citizenship as they are now enlisted legally in the same country. The only exception that is included is that people coming from a foreign land and opting for permanent residency are not allowed to cast vote or apply for any Governmental policies. 


What are the certain criteria that you need to achieve to obtain permanent residency?

In some of the countries, the fundamental criterion to seek a permanent residency is to have a minimum bank balance and you need to spend a certain time in that country. However, it is necessary to inform you that it is hard for Indians to get permanent residency in the USA. However, these restrictions are limited within the USA. In this regard, it is better for you to gather well-detailed information about countries that give permanent resident ship to foreigners.


Names of countries that give permanent resident ship easily


Belize has turned out into a hub for job seekers and this place has got the largest and one of the finest industrial sectors. To get a permanent residency in Belize, a person needs to spend a minimum of one year without leaving the country for more than fourteen days. Now the foremost criteria to obtain permanent residency in Belize is that- a person needs to qualify in the medical test and he needs to prove himself financially stable.  



To obtain permanent residency in Ecuador, a person should live there for a minimum of 21 months with a valid temporary residence certificate.  The person obtaining permanent residency should be free and clear from all kinds of a criminal record and he must be financially stable. After obtaining a permanent residency, the person should stay there for a minimum of 180 days after that they are independent and free to come and go. Apart from that, it is mandatory for the person to at least visit Educador once every five years; otherwise, the government will be bound to cancel his or her residency certificate.  


Panama gives an abundance of ways for people to seek permanent residency in that country. It is important to state that there are no such critical policies that you need to meet for obtaining a permanent residency in Panama. Sanctions on permanent residency in Panama is granted if you get married to a citizen of Panama if you are living in Panama for at least five years and foremost important criteria to obtain citizenship in Panama is that you need to spend a certain amount in that country. Panama also gives an outstanding opportunity for retired people to seek permanent residency if they are having a minimum pension amount of $1,000 for their lifetime




Uruguay takes a long time to approve your permanent residency. First of all, it takes more than a year to process your application in the administration of Uruguay foreign Ministry.  However once you have applied for the permanent residency in Uruguay, you need to stay there during that span of time when your application is under process. There are not certain limits that you need to show about your financial matters but the person needs to prove himself sustainable in Uruguay. You need to have a clean chit form all kinds of criminal recordings to obtain citizenship in the USA. The government of Uruguay inspects whether you are visiting the country once every three years or not, otherwise, your permanent residency gets canceled.




South Africa

To obtain a permanent residency in South Africa, a person needs to stay there for more than five years. Along with that, the person should be free from all minds of criminal records and he or she should be mentally sound and healthy while seeking permanent residency in South Africa.  According to the "South African “immigration rules, as stated by The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, South Africa, the person who is seeking permanent residency must not be an Undesirable person for seeking South African permanent residency. In the recent analysis, it has been noticed that more than 30 percent of people are living in South Africa based on permanent resident ship for different purposes like Jobs, education, medical facility, and entertainment.

Dominican Republic

If anyone is living in the Dominican Republic for tenure of 5 years then that person is well eligible for seeking Dominican permanent residency. During the time of seeking approval for permanent residency, the person should conduct a well-defined mind frame and as well as should be physically healthy. To obtain a solvency certificate a person should show details related to bank deposits, property-related documents, and contracts of work. Now the most important criteria according to the government of the Dominican Republic is that the permanent residency is valid for two years and in between that you should have a clear record of your citizenship performance. After two years the residency certificate gets converted into permanent residency. 


To obtain a permanent residency in Greece, a person needs to buy a property amounting to 250,000 Euros. This makes a person eligible for permanent residency in Greece. The permit for permanent residency is valid for tenure of 5 years and it will be renewed as long as the person maintains a permanent residency in Greece.