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Tourist Visas have their own benefits, rules and regulations. Now as we know, there are many kinds of visas available for different purposes. On this page, you can find discreet information and guidance of Tourist Visas and how it can be used. So, do not wait and think, follow the guidance given below.

When to apply for Tourist Visa:-

Studying abroad is very popular and students are demanding to study from abroad to enhance their knowledge. Tourist visas can be applied in need of the following situations:-

  • Parents who want to check on the place where their children are going for education and take a tour of that country.
  • Students who are willing to visit universities first then take admission.
  • For travelling and leisure purposes.
  • Visiting family or friends.


You can find information and guidance for applications of tourist visas for these countries:- Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, United Kingdom, United States of America.

All countries have their own rules and regulations for visa applications which are really hectic to choose and decide. But this page is cutting off all these kinds of problems by providing you official links of the countries where visas can be applied and, that too without wasting any time surfing the internet. Here is a list of rules and regulations with visa links:-


  • Australia:-

Australia is allowing people to get tourist visas for tourism, travel, visiting friends or families, other purposes besides education, business and medical purposes. Tourist visa's cost is starting from AUD145 and you can stay up to 12 months. Processing time takes 17 to 28 days after application. Eligibility criteria are:-

  1. You must go through a health examination.
  2. If you are a patient of Tuberculosis, HIV, Pregnancy or Hepatitis you can not apply for a visa
  3. You must have enough money to support yourself while staying in Australia.
  4. Be a genuine visitor.

The Australian government requires an "ImmiAccount" in order to access the online services of Home Affairs. Click here to visit the Home Affair website of Australia.

  • Canada:-

Tourist visas in Canada are called visitor visas. Cost of this visa is $100 CAD for registration and $85 CAD for a biometric fee. Processing time may take up to 15 days. To get a visitor visa you need to follow these:-

  1. Provide biometrics(Photographs, Fingerprints )
  2. Have proper and valid travelling documents.
  3. Be in good health
  4. Have no records regarding crime or immigrant-issue.
  5. Convince immigration officers that you will be back and going for some time.
  6. Have enough money for food and lodging.

            Click here and apply for a Visitor Visa of Canada.

  • Ireland:-

Ireland government allows 90 days of time to travel and complete short term educational courses or do anything which does not violate the country's law. Two different rates are available for tourist visas for 1-time journey visa you have to pay €60 for multiple times journey visa you have to pay €100. This visa does not allow you to do the following things:-

  1. Use any kind of publicly funded services(e.g bank, public hospitals)
  2. Paid or unpaid working.

            Click Here to go to the official website to apply for a tourist visa in Ireland.

  • New Zealand:-

This country is providing different processing times and fees structure for individual countries. New Zealand’s government is granting tourist visa permission if you meet these kinds of criteria:-

  1. You must have good character.
  2. You must be good in health
  3. You should not have any kind of criminal records
  4. You must prove your identity.

To apply for a New Zealand Tourist Visa Click Here.

  • United Kingdom:-

In the United Kingdom, you cannot find a tourist visa, but you can apply for a standard visitor visa. You can use this visa for leisure, short business trips, visiting friends or families, and to fulfill medical purposes. The processing time for this visa can take up to 3 months and costs £95. You need to follow these in order to receive a standard visitor visa:-

  1. You cannot work anywhere in the country (unpaid or paid).
  2. You cannot get public funds services
  3. You cannot marry or register a civil partnership.

Click Here to find out more or to apply for a standard visitor visa of the United Kingdom.

  • United States of America:-

The United States of America government allows you to apply for a visitor visa for various purposes like consultations with business associates, attending a conference, estate settling, contract negotiation, vacation, tourism, visiting families or friends, medical treatment etc. To apply for a visitor visa you need to pay $160 to $250 according to your need. You are not eligible to do the following with this kind of visa:-

  1. Study.
  2. perform and earn.
  3. Work or earn
  4. Permanent Residence

            To visit and apply for a US visitor visa please Click Here.


In the above article, we have provided all the important pieces of information regarding the rules and regulations of application of a tourist visa. Some countries are providing visas easily and some are not so, read the article carefully and thoroughly to apply for your visa. Take time and check it and you also can visit the websites to get more information.