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Most of the students applying in foreign universities are from third world countries and take financial aid through educational loans of various kinds. It is often seen that there are financial scarcities that are faced by students as they move to the new country. Apart from this, it is also seen that several people dream about getting professionally involved in first world countries. In such cases, a legal Work Permit is of utmost necessity. Work Permit Visas are needed in all countries for foreign workers to work during their stay in that country.

The USA provides temporary work visas to those who wish to work in the country for a definite time period. You need to mention the duration of your stay both in your employment contract as well as in your visa application. Applicants have to fulfill all the visa requirements and need to submit the documents which are enlisted below for being eligible to apply for a temporary USA work visa.

  • Applicant must produce a USA job offer
  • Before applying for the visa, the employer must file a petition with the USCIS for all nonimmigrant workers.
  • Certificate of approval from the Department of Labor (DOL) to be applied by the employer on behalf of the workers.
  • Valid passport of the worker.
  • US visa photo.
  • The receipt number of the USCIS approved petition.
  • Non immigrant visa application’s confirmation page.
  • Receipt of the payment for visa application fees.
  • Proof that the applicant will be returning to their homeland after the completion of the USA based work.
  • Applicants will also need to submit the proof of their economic conditions, their family relationships, any plan for long term stay in the USA, along with the proof of the residence they plan to return on.

Click here to get detail information about the work permit in the USA. 



In the UK, Tier 2 general UK visas for work are offered to foreign people other than those hailing from Europe or Switzerland, having a proper UK job offer. You can apply online through the country's official website for visa and immigration services. Below listed are the documents required to apply for a Tier 2 general visa.

  • Applicant’s reference number of sponsorship certificate.
  • Proof to support that the applicant has fairly good knowledge of English.
  • Bank statement or any other evidence to affirm that you are financially stable enough.
  • Your valid passport.
  • Professionals from education, healthcare, social services, and therapy sectors, must have to provide certificates of criminal record since they might work with people who are vulnerable.

The applicant might also undergo medical checkups for getting the UK work permit, for example, people hailing from certain countries mandatorily have to go through tuberculosis test to prevent the diffusion of such communicable diseases in the UK, as per UK national safety norms. Click here to go through other details.

In the Middle East, particularly in UAE, long time employment requires work permit which is popularly known as LABOUR CARD which when finalized remains valid for the next two years. For typical workers landing in UAE has to collect an employment entry visa from the immigration check desk which remains valid for the next 60 days during the procession of the work permit. Listed below are requirements for obtaining a work visa in Middle Eastern countries.

  • Approval of the visa quota from the Labor Ministry
  • The contract of the job offer having the employees signature
  • Approved application form for the work permit
  • Proper visa for entry
  • Candidates have to go through medical screening, the results of which should be included in the application.
  • Valid passport and permit of the employment entry to apply for the ID
  • Contract duly signed by the labor
  • Valid medical insurance coverage,

Along with the work permit, the employees receive ID cards for identification purposes. Click here to view other details.

In Canada, temporary work permit visas are provided to everyone who seeks to work in Canada. There are certain eligibility criteria, like financial stability, proof of no criminal records, need to clear medical exams, and the proof of returning to the worker's homeland once the work is complete. Other requirements are:

  • Valid passport along with a recent passport-sized photographs
  • Certificates of educational qualifications.
  • Work experience
  • Submission of the application fee for the work permit.

Click here to go through other details.

Ireland provides various types of employment visas, critical skill and the general being the most popular ones. Like all other countries, applicants must possess a job offer along with the skills and qualifications required for the job. Apart from passport, the other requirements are:

  • Contract paper of the paper duly signed by employer and employee both.  
  • All the details of the employer.
  •  Details of the employee.
  • The license number of the company issued by the regulatory body of Ireland.

The application and document submission is done online via EPOS. Click here to know more.

Australia provides three types of visas. Skilled Independent visa focuses on an individual's skills and qualifications without any employer sponsorship. Company-sponsored workers get a permanent visa for employment under the Employer Nomination Scheme. Applicants under Temporary Skill must possess a minimum of two years of work experience, and should be below 45 years. The documents needed are listed below:

  • English proficiency proof via TOEFL / IELTS.
  • Relevant documents of employment and education.
  • Medical insurance of health.

For other details click here.

New Zealand offers temporary work visas for nonresidents of Australia and New Zealand. The following listed things are necessary to apply for NZ work permits.

  • Job offer from a New Zealand based employer.
  • You need to show that you are coming for a certain purpose related to your work.
  • Or you have a partner in NZ and you wish to work with them jointly.
  • Applicant’s ID proof, character proof, English proficiency, Medical test.

You can apply online. Check here to know more about the New Zealand work permit. 


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