Terms And Conditions –

1. Checking before submission by a relevant person from the student side is must, if the student still got failed after checking, then we can compensate him/her in new assignments.

2. We will only consider the student as failed if he/she has not done any kind of editing, submitted the correct file, provided detailed feedback.

3. In technical jobs we can share the video of running the program, if a student doesn’t know how to run it, then it’s a student issue. However, if he/she wants training then the student can pay extra for that.

4. A refund can only be given in case of plagiarism case, notwithstanding, we are giving Turnitin plagiarism report as proof.

5. If the assignment/project gets plagiarized by the teacher even after giving Turnitin report from our writer, then it may not be considered the writer’s fault.

6. Student if plagiarized or failed due to not answering questions out of the assignment asked by any particular instructor then it will be considered students’ fault.

7. Writer can only talk on call in case the first rework given by the student not done properly even after doing 2-3 times the same rework.

8. Writer is obliged to do rework sent by a student at first time, at the same time student is liable to give at a time rework based on the first mail

9. In emergency work also students are liable to check everything by the relevant person before Submission if still the student does not get passing marks then will compensate him in the same level job.

10. In case of exam help,  we will allow students to select any writer after the on-call interview, thereafter if the student still gets failing marks. Then we are liable to return at least 50% or compensate same level job.

11. In case of technical work we can only give audio, video and solutions of the queries by mail only

Refund Policy

# Full refund

1. Plagiarized due to us.
2. Deadline missed

# Partial Refund

1. Exam failed after giving all proper requirements by the student.

2. Basic guidelines not followed

# No refund

1. If anyone asks to pay back the paid money.
2. If someone failed due to not providing complete requirements.